Camp Chef OS-144 Giant Movie Screen Review

The Camp Chef Giant Movie Screen is a spectacular screen for outdoor (and indoor) use because it does not require any power, is sturdy, has insanely good online reviews, and is probably one of the easier screens to set up and use compared to rival products.

I’ve trialed it for two backyard movie nights and would recommend it, but if you are in the decision-making process and want more detail, take a look at my comments below including any pros and cons to buying this screen.

First Impressions of the Camp Chef Giant Screen

The reason I bought one was down the size. It’s impressive in stature and provides a great screen, making it ideal for backyard movies. Have one of these and you can replicate the thrill and excitement of the drive-in movies, but all from the comfort of your own backyard.

Structurally, it is very stable and has a robust and well-supported screen made from heavy-duty material which is essential for outdoor movies.

It in HD wide-screen dimensions, and provides a clear high-definition image, providing you have a decent enough projector for viewing movies outdoors. You can see some recommendations for outdoor movies projectors elsewhere on my website.

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The fact that it is HD and widescreen at the 16:9 format means any modern movies or streamed live sporting events will fill the screen up and look great.

In fact, it’s the screen material that I like best about the Camp Chef OS-144.

View on AmazonIt’s made from a nylon reflective material in gray color. You might think gray is an odd choice, as surely white is better? This isn’t actually the case for outdoor movies, as the gray screen works better – believe me, there is a science behind it that I won’t go into in this review.

I also said it’s robust.

The steel frame and stand will let you place it in your backyard with no concerns, but you might get wind issues. What I always recommend is to make use of the tie-down guy lines that help to secure the top-heavy screen in windier weather.

It is worth bearing this in mind if you plan to use the screen during breezy conditions.

What Else You Need with This Screen

Because everything you need to get started seems to be included in the pack, the only additional items you will need, besides the screen, are the projector you wish to use to play the film from, and a table for the projector to be placed on!

As previously mentioned, I have a small range of the best outdoor movie projectors which I recommend (click here).

To make things even easier for you, I have also put some packages together which takes a lot of the hassle away from you having to choose everything you need and then hoping that they will all be compatible.

Technical Specifications

  • Name: Camp Chef OS-144 Indoor or Outdoor Giant Movie Screen
  • Item Weight: 39.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 140 x 45.5 x 115 inches (12 foot diagonal)
  • Frame Type: Steel
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 High Definition HD

Screen Set-Up and Ease of Use

It’s is ridiculously simple to set up but can take a little work the first time.

You can be up and running inside 30 minutes as it can be fiddly. This is quite a long set-up time when compared to other models I have used but will get quicker over time once you are more familiar with it.

Setting the screen upIf you do decide to buy the Camp Chef Outdoor Giant Movie screen, then follow the diagram and match the letter-coded joints in order to place the steel frame together.

The fiddly bit is attaching the screen inside of the frame, and that could take 10 minutes the first time you do it. Being detachable though is a benefit, as if it gets dirty you can simply remove it, and then wipe it clean.

But, I would recommend you store it away after each use if you want it to last.

It can also be taken down, easily refolded, and stored away in its accompanying carry bag in a similar quick time.

The assembly instructions are cleverly added to the attached carrying bag, so provided you keep this, you will always have them permanently to hand. This is great when you consider how easy it is to lose, misplace or spoil those paper-based instructions over time… well, that’s the kind of thing I tend to do, so for me, it’s a great bonus.


  • Huge 144″ screen
  • High-resolution material for crisp video and enriched colors
  • Ease of setting up and taking down
  • Frame stake and guidelines included
  • Carry bag included with stitched instructions
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Frame not very strong and can be fragile against a gust of wind
  • Some customers have issues with the construction of the poles and the metal used
  • No adjustable height availability

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many valid questions on Amazon regarding this screen, but those most important and readily posed are:

What is the usage like with sunlight and in the dark?

There is a back cover included with the screen which blocks any offending light. Regarding how late into the night you can watch this screen usually depends on the power of the brightness of your projector. You will need a projector with a lumen rating of at least 3,000 lumens.

How far does a projector need to be placed from it?

Once again, this is usually dependent on the throw distance of your projector, but as a guide, many customers agree the distance is around 15 to 20 feet in total.

How many people does it take to set it up?

Almost everyone will agree it can be set up to some point by just one person. However, when it comes to straightening up the screen, you will most certainly need two people. So overall, it is best seen as a two-person job.

Camp Chef Giant Screen Review Conclusion

If it is excellent picture quality that you are after from your screen, then it seems the Camp Chef is the perfect product for such a requirement! Almost all customers who have purchased this will agree on this point.

Price-wise, while it may seem on the higher end of the price scale, but there’s no doubt that for a solid 144 inches of the screen where you want something larger than average then the price tag is probably justifiable here – see those prices on Amazon.

The only niggles tend to be in the form of the frame being a little tricky to set up the first time, and it is a shame that this detracts from what is almost a near-perfect viewing experience. Many people have heeded the advice of others on Amazon reviews for this and have worked to prevent such problems ahead of time.

Hopefully, over time if the manufacturer takes account of such feedback and works on improving this, I have no doubt that its current 4.60 average ratings would soon rise to 5.00 in no time!