Recommended Gear

If you are just getting started out with outdoor or backyard movies then you are going to need the right equipment. You will need a projectorscreen,  speaker, media player, and maybe some accessories.  Below links are my recommended products you will need in order to get started.

My top projector screens at different budget level.

Having a projector screen that is made for projectors is a must. I have a list of recommended screens to fit all budgets.

If there are just 2-3 people watching a built-in speaker from the projector may be fine but I recommend you get a Bluetooth speaker for larger crowds.

You will need a media player to be able to play movies on your projector.

This is more of a nice to have but is not necessary for building your outdoor movie package.

Looking for a great value backyard theater package, that includes everything that you need to get started with showing movies in your backyard?