The Best Standing DIY Projector Screen for Under $250

Many people will tend to spend lots of money on an outdoor movie projector, and then just think that they can use a bedsheet to project their movies or sports onto.

Whilst this is possible, it doesn’t give you great results which is why I always recommend you buy an outdoor screen kit that comes with specialist screen material for the best viewing experience.

Standing projector screens offer a more robust solution than inflatable movie screens, don’t require any mains electricity to run, and can be left outdoors for reasonably long periods over the summer due to the materials that they are constructed from.

My Recommendation? The Carl’s Standing Outdoor Projector Screen Kit – view latest prices on Amazon.

At least, that’s certainly the case with the Carl’s Standing Projector Screen Kit which is my recommended solution if you want to spend less than $250 (depending on which size you opt to purchase, larger sizes are more expensive).

If you have a reasonable level of DIY ability, then you should find Carl’s movie screen kits easy to assemble. This recommended product will involve having to buy poles as they are not included, but once set up it’s an amazing piece of kit that you can use for years to come.

Why Choose the Carl’s DIY Standing Movie Screen Kit?

I only recommend products that I personally use or have used. The Carl’s standing outdoor projector screen kit has the following benefits.

  • It’s relatively cheap compared to rival products
  • It’s easy and simple to clean
  • You can leave it up in rain and sun for long periods
  • The screen uses a 1.1 gain offering a crisp and clean picture
  • The company offers exceptional customer support
  • You don’t need electricity to use it
  • It is completely portable
  • You can hang it, or stand it up

The Reviews Are Outstanding

Don’t just take my word for it though. Currently, at the time of press, this outdoor projector screen kit was averaging nearly 5 stars out of 5. That might have changed by the time you look, but I can’t imagine it will have slipped down given the quality of the product. If you want to see for yourself, then read the Amazon reviews now.

It’s also possible to buy in different sizes and aspect ratios. My advice would be to buy a version which has a 16:9 aspect ratio, as this is the widescreen that modern movies are filmed at, and how sports are broadcast nowadays.

Your movie projector will also be 16:9 provided you have purchased one of my recommended projector suggestions.

In terms of the sizes available, you can choose the following products in Carl’s standing projector kit range:

  • 9×21 foot (272 inches wide)
  • 75×9 foot (131 inches wide)
  • 9×12 foot (175 inches wide)
  • 5×9 foot (120 inches wide)
  • 9×16 foot (214 inches wide)

Who Should Buy this Screen?

If you are planning on holding regular backyard movie parties (read my 101 tips to doing so) then it makes sense to invest in a screen that you can leave outside in all weathers.

Carl’s standing projector screen lets you do that.

I believe that it also offers one of the best viewing experiences of any portable DIY screen on the market. The PVC and Flexiwhite finished screen offers one of the best images I have ever seen from an outdoor screen.

If you have the budget and space, I would also buy the largest size so you can get as much bang for your buck as possible. Larger sizes will cost more though, but they are worth the investment.

You can also use it indoors easily, or even hang it. So it’s portable in that way which is a deal-breaker for someone like myself who is often asked to host outdoor movie nights for friends and family.

Who Should Not Buy this Screen?

If you have read my comprehensive review of this screen you will be aware of the main drawback to buying it. Carl’s standing screen kit does not come with poles to build the frame and stand.

What does this mean from a practical perspective?

You are going to have to purchase the poles from the hardware store, have them cut to size, and then slot them into the supplied connectors.

Whilst this might not be a turn-off for most backyard movie hobbyists, if you want to get something up and running really quick, it might be worth instead considering an inflatable movie screen. It won’t be as good an image in some cases, will require electricity, but could be cheaper. You won’t be able to leave it set up though if you choose an inflatable.

Want to Know More?

If you want more information on how you set up and assemble this screen, I would recommend that you read my full product review. It contains stepped processes, detailing how I do it, and some additional tips on how you can make your life easier if you buy this product.

I have also listed some commonly asked questions about the screen from regular visitors to the Outdoor Movie Projectors website including:

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  4. Can you leave it outdoors or in the sun and rain?
  5. Does it bend or move in the wind?
  6. How do you clean and maintain it?
  7. Does it offer rear projection functionality?
  8. Is it a good value for money – yes!
  9. What size should you buy?
  10. Do you need to buy anything extra?
  11. What’s the best projector to use with it?
  12. Are there any alternatives worth considering?
  13. Does it work well for watching live sport?
  14. Can this screen be used inside?
  15. Are you able to hang it instead of standing it up?
  16. Should it be secured to the ground and tethered?
  17. Is it easy to store away and is it portable?

Important Note – You Will Need a Projector

To throw your own backyard movie party or night you will also need a projector, media-playing device, and some speakers. The screen as described here is only one element in the entire process.

To find out what else you need, please explore the recommended gear page which includes options on all the tech you need, with different budget recommendations.

I have also put together the essential guide to planning an outdoor movie night. Go read that if you need some inspiration and additional technical advice.