Best Outdoor Projector Setup for Daytime Use in 2022

When the weather is right, having a projector outside during the day is a great idea. You can watch movies with your family and friends outdoors, but not just any projector has the needed requirements to watch a movie outside, especially during the day. To get the right one, you will need the proper outdoor projector setup.

Best Outdoor Projector Setup for Daytime Use – Our Top Picks

The best outdoor projector setup includes a projector with at least 3000 lumens. This level of brightness is required to watch a movie outside. Additionally, providing shade, securing the projection screen, and placing the projector in a shady section of the garden with less ambient light can all help in your outdoor theater setup. With that, let’s dive in.

Projector with 3000 Lumens

The first step of your setup is to pick a backyard projector with the maximum light output rating. You may try all the tactics in the world, but if your projector’s light output is too low, you won’t have a satisfying outdoor movie experience.

Lumens are the unit of measurement for projector light output. The more lumens your projector has, the brighter the picture it can throw.

A regular indoor home-theater projector has a lumen output of at least 1500. More powerful office and school projectors typically have a light output of over 2500.

For your outdoor projector setup, you need a projector with an output of at least 3000 lumens or at least 4000 for daytime use to get the best picture quality.

A standard portable projector has enough lumens, but you must aim higher for the best outdoor viewing experience. 

You can get a projector with a much higher lumen output if your budget permits it, and you should think about the image resolution in addition to the projector’s brightness. Given the amount of ambient light, you will want to make your image sharp and clear to improve to see the image during the day.

Our top pick: ViewSonic PG706HD

Reflective Projector Screen

Once you have made sure your projector is powerful enough to bring your favorite backyard movie theater to life, and it is bright enough to view the colors during the day, it’s time to look for a screen.

To enjoy a movie outdoors, you need two essential things: a projector and a screen.

While the projector should have a light output of at least 3000 lumens, the screen should be reflective. These screens are cutting-edge additions to the market.

Such reflecting displays block out the sun and produce more distinct and colorful images for the audience. While these features might make the price a bit on the high side, they are a great addition to your projector setup for outdoor viewing during the day. 

For your outdoor movie screen, you can choose between several options.

Inflatable Screen

An inflatable screen is the best option if you want an outdoor projector screen that resists a wide range of weather and climate conditions. It is also a recent innovation in the screen industry.

We like an inflatable outdoor movie screen because it is easy to set up. All you have to do is put it where you want it, attach the blower to your power source, and turn it on.

Our top pick: EasyGo Products 14′ Inflatable Mega Movie Screen 

Standing or Hanging Screens

The other type of screen for outdoor use is a standing or hanging movie screen. These screens could be either permanent or temporary. They are pretty adaptable, and you can use them on various walls and surfaces in any event. You will not need much more than cable ties and the other supplies included with the kit to install it.

If you want to set up your projector in the center of the yard and not next to a wall, though, these projector screens are not as helpful.

Our top pick: JWSIT 120″ Outdoor Projector Screen + Stand

Projector Screen with Stand, Upgraded 3 Layers PVC 120 inch 4K HD 16:9 Outdoor/Indoor Portable Front Projection Screen, Foldable Video Projection Screen with Carry Bag for Home Theater Backyard Movie

Sound System

Finally, once you have taken care of the projector and the projector screen, you should install a sound system. A sound system is necessary when background noises prevent you from hearing the movie.

A good sound system may also help you and your guests understand what’s going on if the images are not as clear and distinct as you would like.

Most sound systems are powered by electricity, so it is a good idea to invest in a portable Bluetooth-enabled speaker that you can carry around with you and use indoors on wet days. We recommend a Bluetooth speaker that you can position anywhere you want for the best experience.

Our top pick: JBL Xtreme 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A Shaded Area

Despite getting an outdoor projector with at least 3000 lumens and a reflective projector screen, you still need to put effort into setting up in a shaded area.

There are many options available to create shade for your outdoor setup. An umbrella with a moveable arm is a flexible option that gives you complete control over the opening, closing, and manipulating the umbrella.

Whether you have an expansive lawn, a small patio, or a tiny balcony, observing the sun’s position will help you determine the best outdoor placement for the console. Finally, we recommend setting up the screen, so the sun is on one of the sides. 


This summer is the perfect time to enjoy all of your favorite movies and video games outside on the big screen without having to wait for a movie night. Take advantage of the warm, sunny days whenever possible. 

Don’t give up if you do not know where to begin when setting up a cinema outside. Follow the outdoor projector setup above to make the process easy. And don’t forget, investing in a high-quality projector and a decent outdoor screen is essential for high-quality images and a nice viewing experience.