13 Ideas for the Most Romantic Backyard Movie Date Night of All Time

Backyard movies are great social events where you can get friends, family, and neighbors all together in one place for a fun night. But they can also be a great date night idea where you and your loved one can sit back and relax under the stars.

My wife and I regularly make this our date night over the summer, as it means we get to spend quality time together in a romantic setting, don’t have to spend much money, and can save money on a babysitter once the kids are fast asleep inside.

We’re lucky enough to already have the required gear you need to set-up a backyard movie night. If you don’t know what you need then click here.

This time we spend together outdoors is some of our most valued, and we try to do this at least once a month over the summer.

Whether you want to arrange a date night with your partner, or are trying to impress a potential new date, a romantic backyard movie night can be an amazing experience and one that won’t be easy to forget.

But there are some things that can make it even better.

Here are my tips for planning the perfect romantic backyard movie night which you can use time and time again.

1. Choose a Romantic Movie

My wife loves Bruce Willis, so we might end up watching Die Hard most of the time. I’ve tried to get her to watch romantic movies, but they just aren’t her thing.

Ideally, though, your romantic movie night should include a carefully selected film that’s going to evoke romantic feelings and give you even more reasons to cuddle up together.

I’ve put together a list of 13 romantic movie suggestions which should give you some inspiration. There are some tear-jerkers and romantic comedies on the list, with something for all couples. Go take a look and choose wisely!

2. Break Out the Wedding Video

If you are a married couple, then what better way to take advantage of your outdoor movie screen and projector with a viewing of your wedding video?

It’s a great way to help remind each other of why you got married, and the love that brought you together in the first place.

3. Create a Personal Invite

Sending a romantic note or card might be something you only do on Valentine’s Day, but there’s a great opportunity here too.

My advice is to write a personal invite with a love note attached, and perhaps leave it somewhere for your partner to find when they least expect it.

4. Make it Comfortable and Personal

Whilst I typically recommend chairs for an outdoor movie night, on date night I will do away with them. Instead, I will set up air mattresses in the backyard with soft blankets and cushions.

The aim here is to create a cozy and intimate environment that is going to be conducive to romance – giving you both the opportunity to lie back, watch the movie, and look up at the stars on a warm summer’s night.

5. Cover the Blankets with Rose Petals

Of course, you could simply buy some flowers, but that’s just standard practice for a night of romance.

Instead, scatter rose petals over the blankets and cushions to create a romantic setting that they won’t forget.

6. Get the Lighting Right

As you lead your date to the outdoor movie, try using low lightings such as string lights or lanterns. These can be used to show him or her the path to the blankets and cushions.

Garden lighting such as this creates a stunningly romantic setting that your date won’t forget in a hurry. You could also consider using candles instead if you don’t have the money to buy lighting.

Low and non-obtrusive lighting will also help to avoid any embarrassing trips and falls if one of you decides to get up during the movie night to get something!

7. Keep the Champagne on Ice

If you want to celebrate the evening with a drink, then get an ice bucket ready and waiting for when your date appears.

Place the ice bucket next to the blankets on the ground with a chilled bottle and a couple of glasses.

8. Nice Smelling Incense Sticks

Create a nice aroma and ambiance with incense sticks tactically placed in the backyard.

Given that your backyard date night will probably be happening over the summer, you could also reduce the chances of being bitten by bugs by using citronella candles.

They smell great, and bugs hate them!

9. Use a Fire Pit or Chiminea

Having a fire pit or chimenea can offer warmth if it’s a colder evening, and offer a great romantic feel. To go one better, buy some marshmallows to roast as well.

Fires are romantic, right? And believe it or not, there’s a scientific reason as to why. You can read more about that on The Cut website – why fires are so romantic.

10. Offer Your Massage Skills

As your date is already lying down, why not give them a sensual massage?

Romance can definitely ensue with this idea, so unwind, relax, and connect with your other half.

If you are rubbish at giving massages like I am, then there are videos on YouTube that will show exactly how to get it right.

11. Let the Kids Be Involved

If your kids are a little bit older, and not quite asleep, then utilize them! I’ve often tasked my eldest son with being the waiter for the evening, with him bringing the food and drinks out.

It makes my wife laugh, and as you should know, laughter is a great way to enrich your relationship.

12. Dance After the Movie

You will already have a sound source, media player, and speakers, so why not invite your partner to dance under the moonlight once the movie is finished? It’s a great way to end the evening.

13. Make the Movie Night a Surprise

Having an element of surprise or putting the backyard movie night on when they least expect it can ramp up the romantic feelings a notch.

The first-ever romantic movie night I planned for my backyard was done under a huge veil of secrecy and took me a few days to get everything in place.

On the night, I waited for my wife to get back from visiting friends, got her to close her eyes, and then led her into the backyard where the entire scene was set. It blew her mind.


I hope that you have enjoyed these suggestions. If you are struggling to decide what technical equipment you will need to play outdoor movies in your backyard then you could read this guide to choosing an outdoor projector, and then select a screen from these recommended products.