The Best Inflatable Movie Screen for Under $250

If you want something really robust, long-lasting, and easy to set-up, then you can’t go far wrong with the Gemmy Deluxe inflatable outdoor movie screen. It offers large 12 foot wide width, with the actual screen aspect measuring 123 x 70 inches in a 16:9 aspect ratio – making it ideal for modern outdoor movie projectors.

It tends to retail at around between $190 and $250 dollars, making it a great value solution for anyone looking to host their own backyard movie parties.

Currently there are a number of different suppliers selling the Gemmy inflatable movie screen on Amazon – and you can not only read the excellent reviews but also check the latest Amazon prices here.

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Do I think it’s the best on the market?

At this price, yes.

No matter whether you are beginner or have already watched movies or sports in your backyard, this screen is very simple to use.

Just clear and plan a space, lay it down, connect the blowers that come with it to your mains electricity, and then switch it on. The screen will inflate in around 120 seconds.

The only thing you need to take extra special care with is the securing and tethering. It comes with cords and stakes which you will need to pull tight to keep it stable.

If you want something for commercial or large events, then it might be too small, but works perfectly for people wanting to run their own movie nights and parties in their own backyard.

Why Buy This Recommended Inflatable Movie Screen?

  • It’s fun and simple to use
  • It takes only 2 minutes to inflate
  • It’s large and is perfect for backyard movies
  • It comes with a carry bag for storage
  • It’s relatively quiet
  • It’s tough and robust
  • It’s got a large screen in a 16:9 widescreen format
  • It comes with everything you need to secure it

Want to Know More About It?

I have extensively reviewed this inflatable movie screen, and you can read that review in full elsewhere on the website. The review includes a step by step process of me setting it up and watching a movie on it.

I have also answered commonly asked questions that people tend to ask about this screen, and those questions and answers include the following examples:

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  2. Who will this screen best suit?
  3. Do you need to let the blower fan run all the time?
  4. Is the blower noisy or will it ruin the enjoyment of the movie?
  5. Is this screen able to offer rear projection?
  6. Is it easy to carry, transport and store?
  7. Can you use this inflatable screen indoors?
  8. What else will I need to get started watching movies or sports?
  9. Is the Gemmy inflatable screen waterproof?
  10. Can I watch 3D movies on this screen?
  11. How many people will be able to watch movies on it?
  12. Do I need to buy speakers with it as well?

What Else You Will Need?

Having the screen is just one part of the overall equation when planning your own outdoor movie nights. You are also going to need an outdoor movie projector.

If you want to find my recommendations on projectors, then please click here. On that page you can find products to suit all budgets and scenarios. All of the recommended outdoor projectors have been used and reviewed by myself, or other contributors to this website.

I also recommend that you have speakers set-up, as the internal audio on most projectors won’t be loud enough for an outdoor environment. I recently wrote a blog post containing some ideas for you to consider – see recommended speakers.

My assumption would be that you already have a media playing device to actually play the movie or sports through. This can include items such as laptops, smartphones, tablet, USB sticks or streaming devices.