Best Outdoor Projector Screen in 2022

Not sure what to choose as an outdoor movie projector screen? You have two choices available, you either go with an inflatable, or a standing/hanging screen.

In a hurry? Here’s our top picks…

Handy  Hint: My preference is standing screens over inflatables as they don’t require electricity, and tend to offer a better quality image.

Standing Outdoor Screens (Recommended)

Standing outdoor movie screen kits are portable and robust, and don’t require any mains electricity. They take a little longer to set up than inflatable screens, but offer a better viewing experience and can be left outdoors in all weathers.

Abdtech 100-Inch Screen

It’s cheap but really good. You can set it up in around 15 minutes and move it around into the best position in your backyard. With a 100 inches screen (just over 8 feet) it’s great for beginners and is in a widescreen 16:9 format. Go check the reviews on Amazon now.

You don’t need any power to run it, can leave it out overnight with no concerns, and watch movies in amazing 4K. Includes a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Inflatable Outdoor Screens
(Requires Electricity)

Inflatable movie screens offer a quick and easy way in which you can get started with a backyard movie night. You can set them up in seconds as they will all come with a built-in blower fan which you connect to the mains.

EasyGoProducts Screen

If you’re on a budget, then I recommend the EasyGoProducts inflatable movie screen on There are two sizes available; 14 foot and 16-feet models. It comes with a carry bag, widescreen format, and everything you need to secure it to the ground.

You will need to hook it up to the mains power though, as it comes with a blower that needs to be running constantly. You can get up and running in just a few minutes.